Monday, June 12, 2017

Reflecting on this fantastic trip around the USA.  

Things we've done, seen & learnt-
  • We had 9 flights totalling 52 hours in the air
  • Only 2 flight delays totalling 4 hours
  • 27 hours spent sitting in 9 airports
  • Caught up with 3 lots of wonderful travel friends 
  • Walked the Brooklyn bridge
  • Wandered thru Times Square
  • Visited the iconic Disneyland attractions
  • Went into Hogwarts Castle
  • Had a famous grouper sandwich & walked the perfect Clearwater beach in Florida
  • Cruised the West Caribbean on 1 of the biggest ships in the world
  • Visited Trumpy's pad in D.C
  • Attended the amazing Smithsonian museums
  • Paid tribute at the huge Arlington Cemetery
  • Rode a bike up Pennsylvania Ave to the Capitol
  • Visited Galveston Texas & their quaint beach bach's
  • Remained Las Vegas gambling virgins!
  • Watched the famous Bellagio fountains (a bit of a letdown!)
  • Flew over the Grand Canyon in a Helicopter
  • Night toured through Alcatraz prison on a significant b'day
  • Rode over the Golden Gate Bridge & did a night Segway tour in San Francisco

We've sampled seafood we wouldn't have tried otherwise - crab. Lobster & clam chowders galore.
We've been hosted by American's who can not do enough for you

The Weather - in 42 days we have only experienced ONE pouring wet day. We cannot believe how lucky we have been - unlike other trips to Europe haha. But you get what you get & you make the best of it, so are very grateful.

Managed to stave off other travellers bugs until the last week - thanks to the 2 men who hacked & coughed right in your face, not their hands. Ended up blah with colds and voiceless for 5 days! but thankful that was it sickness wise.

Have had THE BEST time, but are also ready to go back with our memories to our lovely home, unpacking for good.... our family, friends & the puppy dogs I have missed So much!

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